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Member Media News: Jazzthetik (Germany) May/June, 2017

Congratulations to Jazzthetik Magazine: the German jazz publication turned 30 on April 29!

Jazzthetik: May/June, 2017

Jazzthetik: May/June, 2017

In the May/June issue:

Open That Door! For singer Pat Appleton, the language is the key.
Growing. Thomas Siffling takes two more on board.
Shall we dance? Sebastian Gramss invites for a slowfox.
Weaving the threads. Rhiannon Giddens researches the textures of American music.
A fleet of two. Marialy Pacheco recorded louder duets.
In the inner garden. Markus Stockhausen and the intuitive music.
Regardless. Drummer Christian Lillinger sets ambitious goals.
Open Questions. Trumpet player Avishai Cohen muses on his role as a musician.
Mealtime! In Max Andrzejewski’s hut all is set up.
Metamorphosis. Youn Sun Nah is changing through her singing.
Meeting Again. Ron Carter meets Richard Galliano and turns 80 soon.
Germs Dance. With Hans Lüdemann in the Black Lights District.
Inside Out. Stephan Crump reveals his innermost.
Gamelan-Wellness. Andreas Tschopp and his sound spa.
Tried and True. Koss Pro4AA still the classics among headphones.
Make it Simple. Triosence cultivate the courage to settle down.
Heart Attack. Helge Schneider and Pete York as cardio surgeons.
Fire Flower.  Yelena Eckemoff and the game of fragrances and memories.
Framework. Joachim Kühn presents his works as a painter.
Magic Carpet. Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps make it together.
Friends Reunite. Angelika Niescier meets her friends from Iceland.
Come Out! Bassist Joe Fonda to step out of the comfort zone.
Dance With Franz. The Oh!chestra brings Schubert to the disco.
Lithe. Sting’s guitarist Dominic Miller sees J.S. Bach as musical yoga.
Zen’d. Eric Schaefer and his deep love to Japan.
Stray Sounds. Kari Ikonen records his new album here and there.
More Serious Fun. Tobias Hoffmann surfing in slow motion (on humor and seriousness.)
Subversive. Arto Lindsay between slogans and winks.
Also This Side of Africa. Les Amazones d’Afrique fight for women rights.
To Sun, to Freedom. Philipp Gropper’s Philm stars with Sun Ship.
Master of Sound. Associates bring back the memories of Walter Quintus.

Europe Jazz Media meeting at jazzahead! in Bremen: onwards to new horizons

April 23, Europe Jazz Media meeting at jazzahead! in Bremen: old and new members discuss the new initiatives – check for the updates here! Members – check your mailboxes for a message summing up our decisions on April 27.

Europe Jazz Media Meeting at Jazzahead!-2016

Europe Jazz Media Meeting at Jazzahead!-2016: L-R rear Jan Granlie (Salt Peanuts), Jon Newey (Jazzwise), Mike Flynn (Jazzwise), Luca Vitali (Giornale della Musica), Patrick Španko (, Stefano Zucchiatti (Europe Jazz Network); front Peter Motyčka (Musical Life / Hudobný život), Patrick Sandberg (OrkesterJournalen), Christine Stephan (Jazzthetik), Paweł Brodowski (Jazz Forum), Cyril Moshkow (Jazz.Ru), Wolfgang König (Radio XY, Germany / Jazz Around The World Radio, South Africa), Henning Bolte (Jazzism / All About Jazz)


Jazz.Ru Magazine, #1, 2015 (#60)

Jazz.Ru Magazine transferrend many activities to the Web version; however, we plan to publish at least three paper issues this year, as we feel that the paper magazine format, with large pictures and large texts for continuous reading, is very much in demand among our readership. The 2015 subscribers – your subscription therefore extends into the first half of 2016, at no charge!

Jazz.Ru 60th cover

Jazz.Ru 60th cover

In this issue:
ON THE COVER – The Professor! Alexander Oseichuk, Russia’s chief jazz educator, the Jazz Ensemble teacher at the Russian Gnessins Academy of Music in Moscow, tells it like it is – what does that mean to be a real jazz teacher, and why on the day his own band turned 25, he quit performing in favor of being an educator exclusively.
Unbending. 15th Triumph of Jazz Festival in Moscow and St.Petersburg in the days of economy crisis. Triumph participant, saxophonist Bob Mintzer, interviewed.
The Discreet Charm of Vynil. The history of jazz vinyl covers. Story nine: Impulse! Records.
Russian Jazz Chronicles. Rostov Jazz Festival: fit to survive
The Capital of Jazz. New York Is Now, by Andrey Henkin
Pianist Alexey Podymkin interviewed: musician on the verge of a new step
Sergei Manukian, Russia’s most popular jazz vocalist, interviewed on the occasion of his 60th birthday.
Jazz and Grammies, 2015: Dancing Chick to Chick
Producer / composer/ bassist Alex Rostotsky turns 60: “I Haven’t Changed”
In Memoriam: trumpeter Lew Soloff, producer Orrin Keepnews, trumpeter Clark Terry, record label executive Bruce Lundvall
Jazz Research Center continues Russian jazz history studies: Three Faces in Black and White – the history behind a b/w photo of Joseph Weinstein Big Band from Leningrad arriving in the city of Voronezh in the middle of harsh Russian winter of 1970.
Jazz Province Festival: the festivities coninue, on the 19th year of the trans-Russian moving jazz festival
Estonian guitarist Oleg Pissarenko tells the story of the final volume of his 2009-2015 audio trilogy
All We Have: 15th Jazz Over Volga River festival in Yaroslavl shows strong line-up and commitment to keep the 35-years-old tradition alive
Russian Real Book: a theme by NYC-based Russian bassist, Dmitry Kolesnik

Jazzthetik, The Magazine about Jazz and Other Music: September/October, 2014


Jazzthetik 09/10-14

Jazzthetik 09/10-14

Jazzthetik is the modern music magazine that comprehensively covers the latest in jazz and other interesting music. Jazzthetik is publised in Münster, Germany, six times a year.

Contents September / October 2014

  • Jazz & Other Music
    Milestone. Pianist Johanna Borchert convinces writer U.Proske as a singer.
    Jazz in Janker Jackets. The three von Tann play with Forester clichés. F.X.A.Zipperer stands in the forest.
    Pass. Manu Katché crosses the border between jazz and pop. Customs control by R.Köchl.
    Precious, precious! Highlights from the MPS catalog can be heard on CD again. R.Thomas makes discoveries.
    Beyond the clichés. Saxophonist Katharina Maschmeyer still is your lady. Text: R.Köchl.
  • Front Cover
    Three stolen tapes. M.Zimmermann about the unusual career of singer Gasandji – and her equally unusual hairstyle.
  • The World
    Dusted. The band Ramsch & Rosen bring old treasures shine. Charmed: G.Diesing.
    Reliable. Sérgio Mendes evokes more of the magic of the bossa-pop. A journey through time with O.Maikopf.
    Berlin Saudade. The band Jagun dubs the longing for Brazil. F.X.A.Zipperer languishes along.
  • Jazz
    Leather jacket. Jacob Karlzon wants to bring jazz to stadiums. In the stands: T.Richtsteig.
  • High Fidelity
    Sensual. P.Steinfadt on Existence Loudspeakers and the eroticism of the listening.
  • Jazz
    History. There was also an October Revolution in free music. C.Wagner as Guido Knopp of jazz. [Guido Knopp was a famous German specialist in the history of totalitarian regimes. – EJM]
    Father of Funk. R.Köchl reminisces on the pianist Horace Silver.
    Truth-loving. Shauli Einav releases A Truth About Me. Polygraph operated by R.Thomas.
    Icarus. Tim Allhoff is spreading his wings. Flight observations of K.Hübner.
  • Songs
    Longing. Actor Christian Redl sings, and has something to say. R.Thomas listens.
  • Jazz & Other Music
    Full strength. Tini Thomsen blows the sophisticated away. Adrenalined: R.Thomas.
    One stone upon another. Sebastian Gramss put basses on top of each other, watched by K.Hübner.
    In a good mood. Singer Rigmor Gustafsson: even melancholy sounds easy. R.Thomas praises her meticulousness.
    In the name of beauty. HJ.Linke about the political and musical legacy of Charlie Haden.
  • Blues
    Farewell. Johnny Winter and the immortal Blues. R.Thomas has met him before his passing.
  • Jazz
    In between. Tobias Meinhart commutes between Old and New World. On the old side: R.Thomas.
  • Songs
    Collected. Stefanie Boltz brings her own songs from the drawer, watched by F.X.A. Zipperer.
  • Jazz & Other Music
    Always on the move. The travelers from Tingvall Trio briefly stop by R.Thomas.
    Water and Bread. Dirk Raulf thinks up the concepts. K.Hübner visits the inmate.
    Art Nouveau. Pianist Younee swings between classical and jazz. Text: K.vSeckendorff.
    Abstract. José James paints with sounds that keep many things open. Image viewing by R.Thomas.

Jazzwise Magazine: October 2014



The October issue of Jazzwise, the UK’s biggest selling jazz monthly, hits the streets on 25 September with a striking cover featuring multi-Grammy Award winning vocalist Diana Krall. Back with her new album Wallflower, which features lush arrangements of classic 1960s and 70s pop, soul and rock classics by the likes of The Mamas & the Papas and Bob Dylan, plus a new song by Paul McCartney. The Canadian star talks frankly about crossing over to bigger audiences while retaining her jazz roots.
Also in this issue, British vibes virtuoso Jim Hart discusses the brilliant new album from his powerful Cloudmakers trio;
French-Ivorian drummer Manu Katché talks about his new live album and why singers inspire him the most;
and Norwegian keyboard maestro Bugge Wesseltoft explains how he’s teamed up with former EST bassist Dan Berglund to create an electrifying new trio.
There are also interviews with leading US saxophonist James Carter on the Billie Holiday album that changed his life in the Turning Point column and wonderful UK singer Georgia Mancio reveals all behind the fifth edition of her acclaimed ReVoice! Festival, which takes place in October.
And lest you forget, Jazzwise brings you the hottest news, opinion, gossip, the UK’s biggest CD, DVD, book, and gig guide section and live reviews.

Jazzwise is on promotion with a nationwide radio advertising campaign on Jazz FM.

Jazzwise is the leading English language jazz magazine in Europe

The Jazzwise magazine branded App is the first jazz magazine to be available through the iTunes and Android App stores is Europe’s most visited jazz magazine website with breaking news updated daily plus Twitter and Facebook feeds.

‘Monthly music bible’…
The Independent
‘The UK’s leading jazz magazine’…
The Observer
‘Britain’s most forward looking jazz magazine’…
Record Collector

Jazz.Ru Magazine, #2/3, 2014 (55/56)

Russian Jazz Magazine #2/3-2013 (55/56):
— On the cover: David Goloshokin (cover photo by Evgeny Eliner)
the director of St.Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic Hall turns 70
The Happiest Jazzman in the World: David Goloshokin interviewed (by Anna Filipieva)
— Boris Frumkin’s Jazz Life
Russian pianist and current leader of the Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra, Russia’s oldest big band, interviewed (by Cyril Moshkow)
— Jazz Travel. North Sea Jazz 2014: A Herculean Task of Choice
Robert Bagdasarov and Elina Samoilenko review the gargantuan Rotterdam festival in words and photos
— Musician’s Tales. Alexei Shubin: The Stage From Piano Tuner’s Point of View
Moscow-based piano tuner and accredited Rhodes piano technician shares several stories from his years of experience
— The Capital of Jazz. Meanwhile in New York: spring
Jazz.Ru reinstalls the regular New York news column, now with Andrey Henkin as columnist!
— History. My Blue Bird: 50 years since the opening of the legendary Moscow jazz club, active 1964 to 2010 (by Mikhail Kull)
— Behind the Stage: Rafail Tuishev, producer of the Rostov Jazz festival in southern Russia, interviewed on the occasion of his 75th birthday
— The Discreet Charm of the Vinyl. History of Jazz LP Cover art, Chapter Five: Prestige Records (by Oleg Skvortsov)
— ArtBeat. Anton Gorbunov: New Stories For E-Bass and Ensemble
Moscow-based electric bass virtuoso  interviewed before his new dual CD/DVD live release
— Vijay Iyer: The Real I
Part of Europe Jazz Media text exchange program, this article from German magazine Jazzthetik reveals the details of the famed NYC-based Indo-American pianist’s debut on ECM
— The Life and Fate of Drummer Boris Bagdasarov
Moscow-based pianist Yakov Okun interviews Russia’s oldest working jazz drummer who just turned 87
— History. “St. Louis Blues”: A Centennial
Vladimir Feyertag, doyen on Russian jazz critique, with an extensive essay on the history of the W.C.Handy’s evergreen title
— In Memoriam. Pianist Horace Silver, bassist Charlie Haden, pioneer Russian jazz vocalist Nonna Sukhanova
— Russian Real Book: piece by pianist Eldar Djangirov