Member Media News: Jazzthetik (Germany) May/June, 2017

Congratulations to Jazzthetik Magazine: the German jazz publication turned 30 on April 29!

Jazzthetik: May/June, 2017

Jazzthetik: May/June, 2017

In the May/June issue:

Open That Door! For singer Pat Appleton, the language is the key.
Growing. Thomas Siffling takes two more on board.
Shall we dance? Sebastian Gramss invites for a slowfox.
Weaving the threads. Rhiannon Giddens researches the textures of American music.
A fleet of two. Marialy Pacheco recorded louder duets.
In the inner garden. Markus Stockhausen and the intuitive music.
Regardless. Drummer Christian Lillinger sets ambitious goals.
Open Questions. Trumpet player Avishai Cohen muses on his role as a musician.
Mealtime! In Max Andrzejewski’s hut all is set up.
Metamorphosis. Youn Sun Nah is changing through her singing.
Meeting Again. Ron Carter meets Richard Galliano and turns 80 soon.
Germs Dance. With Hans Lüdemann in the Black Lights District.
Inside Out. Stephan Crump reveals his innermost.
Gamelan-Wellness. Andreas Tschopp and his sound spa.
Tried and True. Koss Pro4AA still the classics among headphones.
Make it Simple. Triosence cultivate the courage to settle down.
Heart Attack. Helge Schneider and Pete York as cardio surgeons.
Fire Flower.  Yelena Eckemoff and the game of fragrances and memories.
Framework. Joachim Kühn presents his works as a painter.
Magic Carpet. Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps make it together.
Friends Reunite. Angelika Niescier meets her friends from Iceland.
Come Out! Bassist Joe Fonda to step out of the comfort zone.
Dance With Franz. The Oh!chestra brings Schubert to the disco.
Lithe. Sting’s guitarist Dominic Miller sees J.S. Bach as musical yoga.
Zen’d. Eric Schaefer and his deep love to Japan.
Stray Sounds. Kari Ikonen records his new album here and there.
More Serious Fun. Tobias Hoffmann surfing in slow motion (on humor and seriousness.)
Subversive. Arto Lindsay between slogans and winks.
Also This Side of Africa. Les Amazones d’Afrique fight for women rights.
To Sun, to Freedom. Philipp Gropper’s Philm stars with Sun Ship.
Master of Sound. Associates bring back the memories of Walter Quintus.

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